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so the confusion is stil there in chat hope you can help later Manny and Kara just a quick response to Laura.Not to be disrespectful sweetie, but how are we to know if we are cybering with a child in the lobby as opposed to the cyber room or a room we create?We are all adults here, and should be treated as such.As for the rules, i agree with them, and feel that members are the first to counter any breaches of chat room rules quickly and with respect for the one's breaking them. I mean no disrespect to anyone's opinion as I completely value the freedom of speech.Carol xoxoxo While the listing of members participating in the chat room is helpful to those who are considernig entering the room, it would be even more helpful to see the chat currently going on by those members.

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It happens EVERY time either one of us come into chat. They could be asked to shift their conversation to another room or if they are just bothering others, I'm sure a note to one of the moderators would work.I am using i Phone, but can not chat in chat rooms. Our pics are all rated so maybe its better to say in the rules we agree to before entering chat that only those pics with G rating can be displayed otherwise we may find a lot of people either wont come into chat at all or will severaly limit the time they are there due to the pics and kids issues...just a thought Love the new id option in chat only thing that does not work if i sign in and chat and then the other member of the couple signs in it does not give them there own id in chat we have two computer and normaly chat in the room at the same time.However, there are some rules that are being initiated by moderators, not rules in place by the webbies in chat. Just had a little more to say on the issues at hand.if we are going to play by rules, then let's do it. My hope, is that through our ability to express our opinions openly in the forum, we will all be able to move on and start over.

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